Pea thief

Back before Bill Clinton was elected Governor of Arkansas, he and Hillary lived in a little trailer in suburban Hot Springs. Times were tough, so to make ends meet, Hillary took up shoplifting.

It wasn't too long until Hillary was caught looting the Piggly Wiggly and brought before an especially harsh judge, known for his creative brand of sentencing.

"What, Mrs. Clinton, did you steal from the Piggly Wiggly?" asked the judge.

"Just one jar of peaches" replied the future Senator from New York.

"And how many peaches were in this jar?" the judge probed further.

"Six" answered Hillary.

The judge studied the matter for what seemed like an eternity and raising his gavel, finally gave the sentence, "That will be six days in jail. One for each piece of fruit in that jar!"

But before he could bang the matter closed, Bill Clinton stood and asked, "May I say something of relevance to this case Your Honor?"

"I suppose it wouldn't hurt nothing." said the judge.

"She stole a jar of peas, too!"