A working girl posted in facebook:
Yesterday after my presentation boss appreciated me a lot and asked me any gift i want. I told him i want an I-phone.
He then said- "sure baby but for that you have to spend one night with me"
these bloody sons of bitches horny bastards men!!! they will never change...

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The slipping lion

Santa came back from a safari in Africa. Upon arrival, he went to his friend Banta, and told him of his adventures.
"I was out in the jungle," he said, "when all of a sudden I heard a noise in the bush behind me. Looking back, I saw a huge lion, licking his chops, and smiling at me. The lion started coming my way and I started running, with the lion not far behind. When the lion was almost at my neck, he suddenly slipped, and I got ahead a bit.
"The lion started gaining on me, and as he got closer, once again he slipped. I happened to see a house not far away, and made towards it.
As I got close to the house, the lion was almost on top of me, when he slipped for a third time. With the very last bit of strength, I ran into the house and closed the door in the lion's face."
"Wow! That's some sorry," said Banta. "If I'd been in that situation, I would have shit my pants."