1- Buff your mouse pad

2- Make a list of other things to download

3- Play a percussive beat on your thighs in time with your modem

4- Count to 500 in "click" language

5- Go outside and actually breathe fresh air (don't overdo!)

6- Do a push-up for every blue bar on the progress meter

11% Done!

7- Name the presidents

8- Play "Dark Side Of the Moon" side one

9- Re lace your shoes

10- Read every classified listing for "Programmers"

11- Carefully clean your mouse rollers and track ball

12- Hone your monitor's picture to ridiculous perfection

23% Done!

13- Fill out all of your registration cards - in triplicate

14- Alphabetize your diskettes

15- Alphabetize your CD-ROMs

16- Re-alphabetize your diskettes and CD-ROMs together

17- Update your potential password list

32% Done!

18- Cut your fingernails

19- See how may other words you can make from "download"

20- Make a sculpture out of your fingernail clippings

21- Play "Dark Side Of the Moon" side two

22- Time to windex that monitor again!

44% Done!

23- Might as well balance the old checkbook

24- Practice the "rubber pencil" routine

25- Weed out the rolodex

26- Buff the mouse pad -- oops, already did that!

27- French braid (optional)

52% Done!

28- "This would be a good time to register your software" (done that!)

29- De-kid proof the butane lighter

30- Reconsider your $500 E-Bay bid for a "Collector's" XT computer

31- Solitaire

32- Solitaire round 2

33- Solitaire round 3 (no cheating this time)

34- Alright, just one (more) beer

65% Done!

35- Think of good domain names to pre-buy

36- Practice writing; with your other hand

67% Done!

37- Attempt to change hair color, with your pen

38- Re-label file folders in all caps

39- Penny rolls, penny rolls, penny rolls

73% Done!

40- Color code your extra cables

78% Done!

41- Find all celebrities that share your birth date

83% Done!

42- Wadded-paper basketball to 100!

94% Done!

43- 100 sit ups

98% Done!

Get ready....


Connection Terminated - Start Over!

44- Find a pistol...