A unique presidential clock!

Bill Clinton was assigned a new intern named Sally. Being the polite gentleman he is, Bill asked, "Have you seen the Presidential clock yet?"

Sally replied, "I haven't even heard of the presidential clock." Bill then replied, " Well let's go to my office, so I can show it to you." Sally was a little taken aback, and she stated, "With all the problems you've had lately, I don't think we should."

Then Bill said, "Ahh, it's just a clock, and I promise I won't try anything." Sally then agrees to go with him. Bill leads her to the Oval Office, shuts and locks the door behind them, and then drops his pants to the floor. Sally is flabbergasted, and says, "Mr. President, that is the Presidential co ck, not the Presidential clock."

Bill looks at her and says, "Sally, by my definition, if you put two hands and a face on it, it's a clock.