Have you got a cold?

Ruth took her boyfriend Bernie home to meet her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bloom.
"What do you do for a living?" asked Mr. Bloom.
"I own some property," replied Bernie.
"Some property!" exclaimed Ruth. "He owns a chain of fast-rising retail stores."
"And where do you live?" asked Mrs. Bloom.
"I've got an apartment in town."
"An apartment!" cried Ruth. "He has a luxury apartment in the most sought-after block in Manhattan."
"And what are your prospects?" inquired Mr. Bloom.
"I'm hoping to expand!" said Bernie.
"Expand!" interrupted Ruth. "He's planning to buy Bloomingdale's!"
Just then Bernie sneezed.
"Have you got a cold?" asked Mrs. Bloom.
"A cold?" shrieked Ruth. "Bernie's got pneumonia!"