A young priest is walking along a pier. He strikes up a conversation with a local fisherman. "Have you ever been deep sea fishing, father?", asks the fisherman. "No, son. I am a fisher of men.", he replied. The fisherman invites him to tag along and the priest decides to do so. The priest is set up with a rod, reel and bait. He casts out and soon enough a huge fish is on the line. The young priest reels it in, and the fisherman exclaims, "That is one huge son of a bitch!" "My son! Please, watch your language!" Thinking fast the fisherman replied, "You misunderstand father. This fish is called a 'sunufapitch'. I wasn't being vulgar." The priest apologized for chastising the man, and when the boat returned to shore he brought his fish to the Cardinal. "Cardinal, look at this big sunufapitch!", the priest proudly displayed his catch. "Father! I'm suprised at you!" "No, Cardinal, that is what this fish is called. It's a sunufapitch." "I should have known better, father. I will clean your sunufapitch and prepare it for dinner with the Pope tonight." The Cardinal took the fish to the Mother Superior to be cooked. "Mother Superior, I have brought this big sunufapitch to be prepared for the Popes dinner.", he said. "Holy Mary, mother of god!", mother superior breathlessly whispered as she nearly fainted. "You misunderstand, sister, that is the name the lord has given this beast. It is a sunufapitch." The nun gathered herself together and apologized. She went about preparing the Popes dinner. That night at dinner, as the main course was brought out, the young priest looked at the Pope and said, "As the lord Jesus was a fisherman, I have caught you this huge sunufapitch." The Cardinal, not to be outdone stood up and said, "As the lord Jesus clenses us of our sins, I cleaned this sunufapitch for you." The Mother Superior, feeling she needed to be part of this said, "As the Holy Spirit burns away our worldly thoughts, I have cooked this sunufapitch for you." The pope paused for a moment. He flipped the huge hat off his head and threw his feet up on the table. "I knew you mother fuckers were cool."