Consider it done!

Four former presidents of the US were walking along the Yellow Brick Road, when suddenly they came in front of the Wizard. The Wizard said, "each of you, come before me and ask what your heart desires. I will grant you each one wish." So up steps Jimmy Carter: "Uh, people say I need some courage, Mr Wizard..." and so the Wizard claps his hands and replies, "It is done!" Next up is Ronald Reagan. "Mr Wizard, I really need a brain!" "I'm told it's true", says the Wizard, "consider it done!" George Bush Snr. presents himself before the Great Wizard; "My people say I need a heart, Wizard..." and quick as a flash, the Wizard snaps his fingers and proclaims the deed, "done!" The Wizard looks around, and Bill Clinton is just standing there, peering over the landscape, hands in pockets. The Wizard starts to become irritated, finally asking, "Yes Bill, what do you want for your wish?" "Is Dorothy around...?"