Metallic attraction, fleshy repulsion

The most attracting man of the world can’t find a girlfriend. Romanian Aurel Raileanu has something very weird: everything of metal continues to stick to him.

“I might have had these abilities since I was a child, but I only realized about six years ago. I was wearing a fairly heavy necklace and the clasp broke, but the chain stuck to my neck. Then I tried it with other objects – lighters, spoons. I was even able to stick my TV to me, despite its weight.”

The human magnet is desperate in search of a relation, but as attractive he is to metal, women aren’t interested in him.

Aurel was brought to the UK to determine how magnetic he is. After a short test, expert professor Cowburn in London already concludes the Romanian has no attraction to metal. But how is it possible that metal sticks to his body?

Another expert, professor Christopher French, submitted him to more tests. Amongst those test was the alcohol cleaning of his body. In spite of the alcohol, a large metal spoon continued to stick to his body.

After Aurel’s body was powdered, he was suddenly no longer magnetic.

Conclusion of the professors: Aurel Raileanu attracts metal because of the stickiness of his skin, caused by the amount of a thing called sebum produced in glands.

After the experiment, Aurel was put back on a plane to Romania. It was not sure what happened when he passed the metal detector on his way home.