A little book of laughs

Dear friends! I have compiled a book called "A little book of laughs". This book contains 100 laughs (a few funny pics and more than 90 jokes). This book contains mostly new jokes (by new I mean not present on this blog; although a few may be duplicate).

I work very hard to bring some laughter to your lives. You must have observed a request for donation on this blog. Its been up for some time now; but, regrettably, so far not a single cent has been donated. I am jobless at present. I need some help in the form of donations. To motivate readers into donating I came up with this book.

How can you get this book? Just donate anything you feel like donating and send me an email stating that you have made a donation (amount does not matter) and I will send you the book as an attachment.

I would have liked to give the book away as a free gift to the readers of this blog but as I have stated above, I do need a little financial assistance from you. So I have left it unto you to decide its worth.

Its a simple joke book; nothing fanciful. I am sure you are more interested in the jokes than in the layout of the book. By the way anyone who would like to volunteer to make it a little bit more attractive can get it for free.

Hope you like it! Accept my thanks for your cooperation!