Winner of first prize

A Scotsman is returning home one afternoon from a wedding. He is dressed in his finest kilt. As he stumbles along the dirt road, being a bit drunk, he decides to rest for a few minutes in the shade of a tree by the side of the road. Shortly after laying back against the tree he falls asleep.

A short time later two young women come down the road and spot the fellow asleep under the tree. Seeing that he is dressed in a kilt they discuss whether he is a “proper Scotsman”, that is, wearing no other clothing under his kilt. Giggling, they decide to take a look. Gently lifting his kilt they discover that, indeed, he is a proper Scotsman.

Their curiosity satisfied, they begin to walk away until one says to the other, “Wait, we need to leave some sort of sign that we were here.”. Looking around they decide to take the hair ribbon that matches the first woman’s blue dress and tie it around the Scotsman’s manhood. This task complete, they laugh as they head down the road to their home.

A short time later the Scotsman awakes. Sitting there under the tree he notices he’s feeling a bit strange under his kilt. Looking around and seeing no one nearby he lifts the kilt to discover the ribbon adorning his manhood.

Puzzled, he looks about again and then says (in a Scottish accent); “I don’t know where you’ve been, and I don’t know what you’ve been up to, but I’m glad to see you’ve won first prize.”.